Our Tree Our Life @ MMULand

Tree Adoption Program

“Our Tree Our Life @ MMULand” is a non-profit program championed by Yayasan MMU to raise funds for education, research, and community work.

This program is estimated to raise RM1.5 million


Online Banking & FPX

Via our payment gateway. FPX & e-Wallets.


Donate via FPX using toyyibPay


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What are the objectives?

What impact can you make?

Under this program, we estimate to create a sustainable impact

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Donation Target
0 + trees
Number of Trees
0 + tonnes
CO2 captured
0 + students
Help for students' activities

Where does my donation go?

Program Operation (25%)

Fund will be used for operations such as launching events, marketing, volunteers, and logistics

Maintenance (25%)

Fund will be used for maintaining the tree such as manpower and decoration.

Research & Endowment Fund (50%)

Half of the fund will be used for sustainability programs such as education research grants on the environment and/or technology

The fund will also be used for educational purposes such as student scholarships, academic awards programs, and financial assistance that YUM deems fit 

What is the package available?


RM 1,500 / tree per year


RM 10,000 / trees

Annual Package

RM 1,500 / tree per year

Lifetime Package

RM 10,000 / tree

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Endow payment via FPX using toyyibPay

All donations are subject to tax exemption under subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967

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MMU e-Payment

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How can I participate?

Online Registration

There are two methods to endow via this website.

Manual Registration

Call or email our representative and we will assist with the tree adoption program

Mr. Vino (Project Manager)
+6 014 9237629

En Zainol (Yayasan MMU)
+6 011 10382821

Email: yum@mmu.edu.my