Fisabilillah Scheme for Foundation Programmes - July 2024 Intake

Closing date of application: 11 August 2024

Application is open to Muslim B40 Malaysian students pursuing Foundation programmes in MMU except for Law.

  1. This scheme covers the overall tuition fee and university resource fee (not including the registration fee, hostel fee) for foundation programmes.
  2. Applicant is COMPULSORY to upload a copy of following documents together with the application form;
    1. Photo of the applicant (Passport Size)
    2. A copy of Mycard (Both sides)
    3. Income statement of Parents / Guardian & Siblings staying in the same house (Latest Payslip or Income Declaration
      endorsed by authorised personnel)
    4. Any supporting documents (e.g.: Death certificate, Medical report, OKU Card, etc.)
    5. A copy of MMU Admission offer letter into Foundation programme for July 2024 / October 2024 Intake
    6. Incomplete form and inadequate supporting documents will not be processed.
    7. Once application is submitted, a screening process will be done by MMU and final result will be notified to the applicant via e-mail.
    8. For further information on zakat eligibility, feel free to contact : 03-83125103/5040 or email | For admis- sion enquiries, feel free to call 019-2846912.

Eligibility Requirement:

  1. Open to Malaysian Muslim B40 category.
  2. Have met the Asnaf criteria set by Lembaga Zakat Selangor based on Had Kifayah
    Calculator (
  3. Household Income below RM6k (However it is subject to the assessment of the Had Kifayah)
Family Information 1
Father / Mother / Guardian
Family Information 2
Father / Mother / Guardian
Family / Siblings Details 1
Family / Siblings Details 2
Family / Siblings Details 3
Family / Siblings Details 4
Family / Siblings Details 5
File number limit: 1 Single file size limit: 10MB. Allowed file types: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Image, Video, Audio